a career. a house. a husband.

I had it all. The trifecta. The magical three things that society says you should have in order to be considered successful. The magical answer to an impossible equation. Wasn’t it on a Sex and the City episode that said you only get two? Well I had all three.

I wanted none.

I met my dream man, landed my dream job, my dream man proposed, we bought our dream house, we had our dream wedding. It was a lot of dreaming. It made me dizzy.

I have never felt complete in my life. I have always been looking for something to fulfill me/ complete me/ quench my thirst/ make me want to stay when all I want to do is run.

I filled my insatiable hunger with school, and relationships, and buying property, and marriage. But it has never been enough.

So, I quit the career. I sold the house. I divorced the husband.

Now what?

“It took her years of pulling back layers to find the love she was born to hold. For her own heart and soul were craving her attention.
She was always putting others before her. Now it was time to wrap her fingers around her own body, caressing her beauty and believing in her worth.” Simi Fromen


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