dear girl, you’re the only one that will fight for you.

I have been down for the past couple of days. Depression does that – it’s a roller coaster of emotions that come and go, and you’re the only one there to feel them.

What started it was seeing that my ex-husband and his new girlfriend are now living together. Not that I want him back, or want to be with him in any sort of way. But he told me that he would always be there for me, and told me that we would always be together, in sickness and in health. But what he really meant was, in health, and then when the going gets tough, he will get going. Why didn’t he fight for me?

Then, the man I had been dating for the past year, called me this morning because I sent him a text last night hinting that I was upset. I told him, “This is hard, and I miss you”, to which he responded, “I know, and I miss you too, but we can’t be talking like this anymore”. Why won’t he fight for me?

Then, as I was about to turn back over in bed, and spend the next 12 hours crying and feeling sorry for myself, and feeding my depression, a thought popped into my head: YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE THAT WILL FIGHT FOR YOU.

So today, I am going to fight for myself.

You should fight for you, too.


5 thoughts on “dear girl, you’re the only one that will fight for you.

  1. I have found that depression has a way of making us feel like we are the only ones fighting against it. That no one else in the world could possibly truly understand the level of pain we feel or how physically and mentally exhausting it can be during down times. But the reality is, while many people don’t understand, there is also a slew of people out there who do. Depression doesn’t necessarily have to be a personal battle. I find that it is much easier to deal with when I remind myself that I am not alone and that there are a ton of people out there who are probably suffering too and need my help as much as I need theirs. So, just know that while I completely empathize with the idea that you feel like you’re fighting your own war sometimes, this isn’t something that you have to go through by yourself. You’ve found a whole community of people who will be here for you.


  2. people come and go in our lives for a reason, some good, some bad, some just because, so take the lessons learned from those relationships and friendships and build on them, never let them take you down, LIFE is full of ups and downs and you have the strength to accomplish YOUR life – the way you want it to be   stay strong – look at yourself EVERY morning in the mirror and say, “Its going to be a great day! then SMILE because you are alive and there are a lot of people who love you, so learn to love you too…..I will always be here for you 🙂 and yes, I have been in those “dark days of depression” but you can talk to that girl in the mirror – it works !!! 🙂 Love you….Aunt Kathy

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  3. Shannon, I hope you are feeling much better today and I want to thank you for the follow. I’d like to think that you are able to fight for yourself, but also know that each and every person who has been in this same position is fighting for you too, as I am. I hope you win the fight.


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