when there are no words.

I have been feeling a loss of words lately. I start blog posts, become frustrated easily, and don’t bother to post.

I feel as though I can’t explain what has been going through my head lately. It isn’t bad – it’s different. It’s an urge to be healthier. To choose positivity. To be content. But there is still an underlying darkness that creeps in, trying to sabotage my new way of thinking. I understand that scientifically that these are old neuro pathways that are used to reacting a certain way and want to take over from the new neuro pathways that I have been working so hard to develop over the last six months. But when you’re mid panic attack, that definitely isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. It’s more like…oh my god, this is happening again, why can’t I just be happy, fuck.

It’s okay to feel a loss of words. It’s okay if you can’t explain your feelings.

Take a breath with me.

Take a breath for me.

I’ll take a breath for you.

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